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Alan Broadbent / Georgia Mancio Songbook, Pizza Express Jazz Club 2015 – LondonJazz

“These were songs of real beauty and sophistication, that surely deserve to join the Standards repertoire- arranged, played and sung with great passion and skill”


Alan Broadbent/Georgia Mancio Songbook, Watermill Jazz 2015 – Arts Desk

“Georgia Mancio and Alan Broadbent …. demonstrated at the 2013 London Jazz Festival that their musicianship was perfectly matched – both have a finely worked and effortlessly expressive emotional precision – and have just recorded their collection of new songs, to be released next year. …. Mancio was in excellent form…her ability to vary her expressive weight and steer her tone between extremes of feeling without ever becoming harsh was exquisite…..This is music that builds a tradition up rather than tearing it down, and for an audience that enjoys craft, delicacy, and sublime musical skill, it was entrancing. … A new songbook, beautifully delivered: that’s surely worth waiting 50 years for”


Georgia Mancio Quartet, Grimsby Jazz 2015 – The Peoples Publications

“She is one of the great voices of the contemporary British jazz scene having both outstanding technical ability and great warmth as a singer….Throughout the evening Georgia gave a bravura performance combining vocal dexterity and inventiveness with richness and smoothness that had the audience rapt from start to finish.”


Georgia Mancio & Alan Broadbent, Pizza Express Jazz Club 2014 – London Jazz

“Hide Me From The Moonlight, a mystically romantic original number was incredibly well received by the audience, which bodes well for the Broadbent/Mancio collaboration…..the delicate perfection of Broadbent’s accompanying craft, Mancio’s unfailing ability to shape a long phrase….these new songs definitely deserve to be heard”


ReVoice! 2014 – Jazzwise

“One of the great pleasures of ReVoice! is hearing Mancio perform in duo with some of the UK’s finest musicians.  This year saw some wonderfully inventive pairings with bassist Mike Janisch (including an exquisite reading of ‘My Ship’) and an ever-inventive Gareth Lockrane…Best of all was Mancio’s poignant lyrics to Zawinul’s ‘Midnight Mood’ with pianist David Newton.  Eloquent, elegiac and intensely moving, I’ve never heard Mancio sing it more beautifully.”

Jazzwise 2014/15

Jazzwise 2014/15


Georgia Mancio and Dave Newton, ReVoice! 2014  – London Jazz News 

“Another thing to be valued is that Georgia Mancio has created a good listening audience at these gigs. The sets she does at the opening of each concert definitely help to set the tone, to prepare the ground for the headliners. She has also progressed in assuredness, confidence and range as a singer. It’s all positive: the broader responsibilities of running an increasingly complex festival venture seem to reflect back into the scale and aura as a performer, and maybe vice versa too.


Georgia Mancio and Tom Cawley, ReVoice! 2014 – The  Arts Desk

“Georgia Mancio … gave a debut of her and [pianist Tom] Cawley’s original work, which in its naturalism, psychological subtlety and domestic focus, was everything [Sandra] Nkaké’s wasn’t. There were a couple of perfectly-pitched covers, but perhaps of most interest were Mancio’s own lyrics, which, very unusually for jazz songs, take an interest in everyday life. … From the giddiest spectacle to the most intimate human concern, this was a gig with everything to offer. A triumph of both programming and performance”


Lauderdale House 2014 – London Jazz

“her voice has taken on an extra resonance and conviction…. her control at the lower end of her range was spine-tingling… just a hint of a wraith-like reference to the great Anita O’Day, without the slightest attempt at simulation. Her  intonation was impeccable, her fluidity around the pulse and a feeling of real pleasure derived from her interaction with the other two musicians was just incredibly infectious”


Purcell Room, LJF 2013 – Jazzwise

“[Mancio] surprised with a jazzy version of Bowie’s ‘Life on Mars’ with Seú Jorge’s Portuguese lyrics amid a solid performance of jazz standards. Her voice jumps … between deep and high notes with ease and joy”


ReVoice! 2013 – Jazzwise

“Curating, MC-ing and performing the opening set each night, Georgia herself was consistently beguiling across a huge range of material , from beautiful Jobim bossas to risk-taking vocalise to little known Chet Baker gems”

ReVoice! live review 2013 Jazzwise

Jazzwise 2013

Newport Jazz Weekend 2013 – Isle of Wight County Press

“Sweet, soulful and spine-tingling….style, finesse and charm… A sublime intensely emotional performance”

Georgia mancio Trio Newport Jazz Weekender

Isle of Wight County Press 2013

Richmond & Twickenham Jazz Club 2013 – Rainlore’s World of Music

“her power isn’t like a wave that crashes over you but that lapping Mediterranean kind which casts the mind adrift into playful daydreams”


Abergavenny 2013 – The Jazz Mann

“pure, well enunciated vocals…a real talent for jazz phrasing…a highly skilful storyteller…The air of fragile beauty was haunting and effective”


Cadogan Hall 2013 – Bebop Spoke Here

“This girl can interpret a lyric with the best of them adding sweeps and slurs to reshape the song in her own image”


ReVoice! 2012 – Jazzwise

“From the impressively fluid phrasing of ‘Willow Weep For Me’ to the heartbreaking intimacy of Milton Nascimento’s ‘Travessia’, her sense of lyrical sweep thrills at every turn


Georgia Mancio ReVoice 2012 Jazzwise

Jazzwise 2012

ReVoice! 2011 – Evening Standard

“Each night Mancio handles the opening set, accompanied expertly yesterday by bass-guitar virtuoso Laurence Cottle. No other instruments were needed as they sailed through the tricky Bud Powell (by Chick Corea), No More Blues (Jobim) and two British classics, Who Can I Turn To and Where is Love”

Georgia Mancio ReVoice Festival Rebecca Parris review Evening Standard 2011

Evening Standard 2011

ReVoice! 2011 – London Jazz News

“the archetype of a modern singer who can style-hop at will and produce…thoroughly musical and textually convincing versions of – er – anything”

Georgia Mancio ReVoice live review London Jazz News 2011

London Jazz News 2011

Aldeburgh Festival 2010 – All About Jazz

“a superb vocalist ….not afraid to experiment with arrangements and presentation”


Trapeze album launch, Pizza Express Jazz Club 2008 – The Guardian ****

“a performer of character, conviction, and relaxed virtuosity … more than ready for [the spotlight]”

Georgia mancio Trapeze album launch live review The Guardian 2008

The Guardian **** 2008

Trapeze album launch, Pizza Express Jazz Club 2008 – Evening Standard ****

“The lethal cool of a Mafioso stiletto…Mancio left the crowd begging for more” 

Georgia Mancio live review Evening Standard 2008

Evening Standard **** 2008