Come Rain Or Come Shine


Jazzwise 4**** – 2014

“the unforced lyricism, the conversational quality and sheer elegance of the music-making, the palpable sense of enjoying each other’s musical company – are all captured to masterly effect on Come Rain or Come Shine….Mancio sings beautifully, negotiating the intricacies of these standards with a real joie de vivre”

Jazzwise July 2014

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The Observer 4**** – 2014

“To improvise on the melody of a song while leaving its lyric unaltered is a difficult and delicate process, but Georgia Mancio brings it off with such grace that she almost makes it sound easy….In all respects an accomplished and beguiling set”


All About Jazz 5***** – 2014

“an object lesson in subtlety, in understated interpretation, in the impact of nuance…. Mancio can re-invigorate a lyric with the slightest shift in emphasis, timing or intonation….It’s beautiful”


London Jazz – 2014

“Mancio doesn’t miss a beat, her phrasing jazzy but always keeping the sense of the lyrics….She scats beautifully… emphasising how much the voice is one of the instruments, never just a singer with a backing band….Georgia Mancio lets the songs breathe”


The Scotsman 4**** – 2014

“a cool, classy elegance and balmy feel to this gorgeous album… [Mancio’s] gentle, clear and beguiling voice is …beautifully complemented by Nigel Price’s eloquent guitar”

The Scotsman review ' Come Rain or Come Shine' 2014

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Jazz Journal 4**** – 2014

“There is a warm fullness about all the performances on this disc with the voice strong in all registers…[and] some of the best support I’ve heard in this format by guitar and bass…. more than a little special” 

Jazz Journal review Come Rain or Come Shine

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