Georgia Mancio.Silhouette.cover. Neil Waterson 2010

Jazzwise **** – 2010

“as thoughtful, assiduously crafted and lovingly realised an album you’ll hear this year… that grips you to the very end”

Silhouette Jazzwise review 2010

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All About Jazz – Critics Choice 2010

“Silhouette is innovative, lyrically inventive, risky at times and always rewarding. Mancio’s performance – often within arrangements that would expose any weakness – puts her at the top of the ever-growing tree of jazz vocalists”


 Jazz Journal – Critics Poll 2010

“a well balanced programme of new material and newly arranged older items, both of the highest quality and all lit up by Georgia’s personal vocal style….a fresh and welcome issue at a time when there is a surfeit of rather uninspired and interchangeable vocal albums”

Silhouette album review Jazz Journal 2010

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Metro – 2010

“As her voice soars to paint precise arabesques in the air there’s a suggestion of Ella Fitzgerald by way of Bebel Gilberto”

Silhouette album review Metro 2010

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The Evening Standard *** – 2010

“painstaking London singer-songwriter whose dulcet Anglo-Italian tones serve an unusually enquiring mind…the overall ambience is one of tranquillity, consonance and intelligence”

SIlhouette album review Evening Standard 2010

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The Guardian *** – 2010

“so much more than just another laid back Latin jazz and standards singer…Silhouette is a confident subversion of expectations”

SIlhouette album review Guardian 2010

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The Vortex – 2010

“infuse[s] everything she sings with freshness, intelligence and vitality…She has matured  …into a genuinely original jazz artist [with] this refreshingly wide-ranging but emotionally homogeneous set”

Silhouette album review The Vortex 2010

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The Observer – 2010

“She has always been good at building an interesting set, but with this, her third album, Georgia Mancio surpasses herself”

SIlhouette album review The Observer 2010

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The Scotsman – 2010

“a disarmingly lovely, clear and airy voice which on faster numbers – notably Just In Time, which plays with time – resembles Anita O’Day”