Live at ReVoice! reviews

Georgia’s new album, Live at ReVoice! is now available on CD and download.   Buy here



Some rave reviews:

“Mancio has … everything covered – technical mastery, expressive range and a remarkable versatility”   The Observer ****

“A live album from golden-voiced Mancio…[which] both shows off her vocal chops and highlights the talents of a wealth of well-known accompanists” – Evening Standard ****

“This consummate, many-angled exploration of song brings together 12 fascinating duo performances”  – Jazzwise ****

“each and every one of Mancio’s duo collaborations holds the attention….So much good stuff here… this is, altogether, an excellent piece of work and a fitting record of tremendous endeavour” – LondonJazz News

“These are bold, no-hiding-place expressions, and Mancio – as storyteller – possesses an innate adaptability, both in technique and artistry, to enhance the melodies and lyrics of these well-chosen pieces so naturally and so clearly, without the need for over-embellishment or showboating. And that’s classy” – AP Reviews ****

“A baker’s dozen of talented performers, twelve beautifully performed songs, captured with exceptional sound quality.” – All About Jazz ****1/2

“coolly expressive jazz singer with a refined technique who cherishes lyrics.. But if she can be improvisationally adventurous, she also appreciates the power of leaving a fine song alone.” – The Guardian ***

“Classic jazz singing in abundance on this tasteful new live album….[Mancio] puts her stamp on the material that effortlessly slides through classic popular material to standards and to new songs [she] has co-written” – Marlbank ***1/2

“What helps to set this album apart from many of the jazz vocal albums we hear, is that Mancio clearly worked closely with each of the musicians involved to make these performances unique….Mancio’s gorgeous tone and subtle phrasing shines” – Kind of Jazz ****