Quiet Is The Star: album cover

Quiet Is The Star

One voice, one piano, one dialogue.

The new album by the acclaimed performing and songwriting partnership of award-winning vocalist/lyricist Georgia Mancio and double-Grammy-winning pianist/composer Alan Broadbent.

This much anticipated companion to their 2017 Songbook, Quiet Is The Star spotlights the purity and parity of the duo setting in 9 co-written songs that explore the ties we weave in life: sisterly, maternal, romantic, universal.



The Songs of Alan Broadbent and Georgia Mancio: bookcover

The Songs of Alan Broadbent & Georgia Mancio

All 33 of  Alan and Georgia’s co-written works, available in both digital and physical formats (wire-bound to stay open).

This 94-page volume is presented with the elegance and expanse of an art book with clear lead sheets (in standard female keys),  Simon Manfield’s evocative artwork (pen and ink illustrations and watercolour landscapes) from both albums, Songbook and Quiet Is The Star, photos and song by song descriptions

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Rest of the World

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Sheet Music

Buy individual sheet music for each of The Songs of Alan Broadbent & Georgia Mancio.

Available in two formats: Female keys as Lead Sheets (as per the book) and Male keys with solo Piano parts.

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Price per sheet: £4

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female key / lead sheet

Sample Sheet Music (female)

male key / solo piano

Sample Sheet Music (male)
Female Key
Male Key
All I Hear Is You
All My Life
Back On The Shelf
Cherry Tree
Close To The Moon
From Me To You
Hide Me From The Moonlight
I Can See You Passing By
If I Think Of You
If My Heart Should Love Again
In The Afternoon
Just Like A Child
Let Me Whisper To Your Heart
Lullaby for MM
Night After Night
On The Road
Female Key
Male Key
One For Bud
Quiet Is The Star
Same Old Moon
Small Wonder
Someone’s Sun
Still We All Can Dream
Tell the River
That Time of Year
The Journey Home
The Last Goodbye
The Things That Might Have Been
Then and Now
To Walk With You
When You’re Gone From Me
Where the Soft Winds
Winter Light