Press Quotes

“impossible not to fall in love with her voice…a magnificent example of strength and talent”  Jazz in Europe

“[Mancio] has everything covered – technical mastery, expressive range and a remarkable versatility”  The Observer 4****

“the archetype of a modern singer who can style-hop at will and produce…thoroughly musical and textually convincing versions of – er – anything”  London Jazz News

“a warm, rich playful sound with intimate, hip phrasing and spot-on intonation…Mancio brings grace and wisdom to each song. Her lyric-writing is sophisticated and sensitive beyond her years”  Jazz Wax (US)

“an object lesson in subtlety…in the impact of nuance…It’s beautiful”  All About Jazz 5*****

“velvety voice and clear articulation”  Jazz Podium (Germany)

a sublime vocalist [who] has forged an enviable reputation with both credibility and talent to spare”  Jazzwise 4****

“a performer of character, conviction, and relaxed virtuosity”  The Guardian 4****

“the elegance of the great singers of Jazz…impossible not to be seduced”   Jazzeseruido (Spain) 

“The lethal cool of a Mafioso stiletto…Mancio left the crowd begging for more”  The Evening Standard 4****

“pure, well enunciated vocals…a highly skilful storyteller…The air of fragile beauty was haunting and effective”  Jazz Mann

“The brilliant voice of Georgia Mancio”  Robert Elms, BBC Radio London


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