Women in Jazz Media (UK)

As I write this , we are still in lockdown. It’s been a helter-skelter of a ride so far.

Music has kept us all sane, I know I can speak for a lot of my friends and family.

So…on the 27th February 2021 we will see the release of the first single from vocalist and lyricist Georgia Mancio’s forthcoming album “Quiet Is The Star’ (Roomspin Records). The single is called “Let Me Whisper To Your Heart”.

The album is, in one word, brilliant, but hear me out for a little bit longer. I want to tell you why.

First of all, the album is another collaboration with the magical pianist Alan Broadbent. If you have not discovered their previous ones yet, I dare you to do so!

The two artists work in such perfect symmetry, our ears and minds and hearts are theirs. This time round with “Quiet Is The Star”, they have struck such beauty and perfection, it is, as I mentioned on one of my posts on Facebook recently, hard to explain in words, but I shall try nevertheless.

Mancio gives the album an eerie atmosphere, her lyrics melt the heart and feed the soul. Broadbent’s touch on the keys never lets us down because he owns each note of music and offers it to the audience, capturing an individual tone every time.

Mancio and Broadbent have been performing together since 2013, their careers, together or separately, are a clear show of how talented they both are, but with “Quiet Is The Star” they come together in a new form, one that welcomes one in, touches one and lets one dream, “perchance to live again”, after such hard and difficult times trying to survive during a pandemic. The release of the album of the end of March is perfect timing.

I love this album. My favourite pieces are “I Can See You Passing By”, “If I Think Of You” and the title track “Quiet Is The Star” which leaves me in tears every time I listen to it.

These are just three of the nine incredible tracks on an album which talks about life, family, the universe and it is up to you, the listener, to discover more. A treasure of emotions.

The physical CD is beautifully packaged too. Very impressive is the artwork by Simon Manfield, creating a sense of dream world, a landscape of memories that is visually stunning.