Jazz Weekly (US)

Sublime and impressionist duos by the pen, piano and voice of Alan Broadbent and Georgia Mancio respectively create and delicate and poetic musical interplay. Mancio’s voice ranges from Blossom Dearie buoyancy to Broadway earnestness throughout, delivering her lyrics like water colors brushed along Broadbent’s ivory canvas. 

There’s a delicacy to pieces like “Tell The River” or the coy “If My Heart Should Love Again” that almost make the lyrics not matter, but they do. Broadbent is sublime in support of the more “performance” oriented tunes like “Night After Night” or the strong “All My Life”, making you feel you’re taking in a local musical. Other times, you get bohemia in the artsy “Let Me Whisper to Your Heart”, making you feel the song wouldn’t work in any other musical sender. Musical whispers.