Jazz Dergisi (Turkey)

I discovered English vocalist Georgia Mancio by sheer luck while browsing a couple of websites that publishes news mainly on jazz and blues due to the boredom caused by lockdowns.

She recorded “Songbook”, a quartet album recorded in 2017 which consists of original compositions, with the famous Grammy-winning pianist Alan Broadbent, whose name will be familiar to the loyal followers of Charlie Haden, seeing the musician’s name in his album Quartet West, as well as in the recent albums of Kerem Görsev.

“Quiet Is The Star” is the second collaboration between Mancio and Broadbent. This album is the result of the shared emotions between two musicians who view life through the same perspective and the same frequency without much effort. Pure, melodic, lyrical, romantic and emotional words adorn “Quiet Is The Star”, which is perfect for those who enjoy piano-vocal duo albums. I believe that “When You’re Gone from Me”, written by Alan Broadbent at an early age, is a piece that was waiting to be sang by Georgia Mancio. “Let Me Whisper to Your Heart” and “If I Think of You” were two pieces that I listened to on repeat, and they broadened my horizon of perspective, whose doors I believed to be closed for a while.

If you need 40 minutes that are pure, clean, sincere, peaceful and full of hope, Georgia Mancio and Alan Broadbent’s “Quiet Is The Star” is only a few notes away from you…