London Jazz News Songbook review

Georgia’s original Songbook project with Grammy-winning pianist, Alan Broadbent, and their live performance at Pizza Express Jazz Club last week gets a rave review from London Jazz News.

All photos by Carl Hyde


“The songs, with their fresh, and wonderfully clearly delivered Mancio lyrics, have charm and character, and are always reminiscent of, yet different from, other points from the canon. Forever Yours is a tune with the same constant feel of being in two as well as in three as Sammy Fain’s Alice in Wonderland. One for Bud echoes both Bouncing with Bud and Joni Mitchell’s Twisted. Mancio sings this repertoire with clarity and integrity, always from memory. Bassist Oli Hayhurst and drummer Dave Ohm have both been with this project since the start. One might imagine that a pianist who worked so much with greats like Charlie Haden could start to coast along gently with a “local rhythm section,” but Broadbent seemed constantly enlivened and inspired by the sterling contributions of both Ohm and Hayhurst.” Read more

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