"Mancio never seems to lose the sense of wonder, or of authenticity and sincerity in what she does, and she sings the disarmingly simple lines with true beauty"

London Jazz News

"Mancio at the height of her appreciable powers, with tempos perfectly chosen, phrasing that served to heighten the song's narrative, and an ever deepening expressive range. There was a palpable sense, too, of a genuine musical conversation unfolding and the joy of discovering new interpretative approaches."


"Her particular combination of entrepreneurial and creative flair are second to none. There is no one who works harder or does these things better. But in the end there is also her delicate artistry, the simple (or rather, definitely not so simple) act of conveying and bringing emotion to words and notes."

London Jazz News

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2017 Hang, Jazz Views


Georgia Mancio’s Hang continues and deepens her exploration of musical partnerships, both old and brand new, in a festival setting, following the success of her universally acclaimed ReVoice! (2010-2014).

Hang truly confirms Georgia’s capacious imagination and constant evolution as an artist. She has produced 3 annual editions since 2017, featuring an ambitious range of projects and collaborations.

hang (noun)


◼︎ the assembly and installation of artwork before an exhibition

◼︎ the after show, after hours gathering where all the fun is

georgia's collaborations

◼︎ Finding Home with Kate Williams’ Four Plus Three  ◼︎  Songbook with Alan Broadbent ◼︎  Where We Once Belonged with Tom Cawley, Robert Mitchell and Kim Macari ◼︎  Mr & Mrs with Liane Carroll   ◼︎  Quadro with Frank Harrison and Andrew Cleyndert ◼︎  Compañeros with Guillermo Rozenthuler  ◼︎  Salud! Tom Jobim with Mark Crooks and Colin Oxley ◼︎  duo with Ian Shaw  ◼︎  Trio with Nigel Price ◼︎  Somos Unidos with Gareth Lockrane, Maurizio Minardi, Luiz Morais, Shirley Smart ◼︎  duo with Alina Bzhezhinska (Abbey Lincoln Tribute)  ◼︎  Quintet with Trish Clowes