"Curating, MC-ing and performing the opening set each night, Georgia herself was consistently beguiling across a huge range of material , from beautiful Jobim bossas to risk-taking vocalise to little known Chet Baker gems"


"One of the great pleasures of ReVoice! is hearing Mancio perform in duo with some of the UK's finest musicians... Eloquent, elegiac and intensely moving, I've never heard Mancio sing ..more beautifully."


"All credit once again to popular vocalist and innovator Georgia Mancio for achieving sell-outs and a genuine sense of international teamwork"

London Jazz News

“From the giddiest spectacle to the most intimate human concern, this was a gig with everything to offer. A triumph of both programming and performance”

The Arts Desk

“the archetype of a modern singer who can style-hop at will and produce…thoroughly musical and textually convincing versions of – er – anything”

London Jazz News

ReVoice! Festival

ReVoice! was the international voice festival created and produced by Georgia Mancio in association with The Pizza Express Jazz Club in London.  The festival ran for 5 consecutive editions between 2010 and 2014, growing from a 5 to 12 day event across 4 venues both in and out of London with partners the Union Chapel, the 606 Club, The Apex (Bury St Edmunds) and Watermill Jazz.

The unique combination of artist and curator is what set ReVoice!  apart: establishing Georgia as an adventurous and informed producer, giving a platform to 160 musicians, many previously unknown to UK audiences. It also announced Georgia as a highly skilled and versatile artist in her own right as she performed a staggering 44 bespoke sets herself, many of which were heard on her 2015 album Live at ReVoice!


Featuring Ian Shaw, Liane Carroll, Robert Mitchell, Nikki Iles, Andrew Cleyndert, Laurence Cottle, Maurizio Minardi, Jason Rebello, Michael Janisch, Colin Oxley & James Pearson

revoice! stars

Carmen Lundy ◼︎  Gregory Porter (his first UK booking)  ◼︎  Tuck & Patti   ◼︎  Beady Belle  ◼︎  Vinx  ◼︎  Norma Winstone  ◼︎  Becca Stevens  ◼︎ Maria Pia de Vito  ◼︎  Karin Krog  ◼︎  Kevin Mahogany  ◼︎  Carmen Souza  ◼︎  David Linx  ◼︎  Mycalé (John Zorn a capella group)  ◼︎  Sandra Nkaké  ◼︎  Allan Harris  ◼︎  Tina May / Enrico Pieranunzi  ◼︎  Raúl Midon  ◼︎ Claire Martin / Joe Stilgoe  ◼︎  Barbara Raimondi  ◼︎  Sofia Rei  ◼︎  Rebecca Parris  ◼︎  Ian Shaw  ◼︎ Christine Tobin  ◼︎  Jhelisa Anderson  ◼︎  Diana Torto / Kenny Wheeler / John Taylor   ◼︎  Liane Carroll  ◼︎  Brian Hanlon   ◼︎  Jamie Davis ◼︎  Gabrielle Ducomble  ◼︎  Sara Colman / Randolph Matthews  ◼︎  Sachal Vasandani  

georgia's collaborators

Jason Rebello  ◼︎  Liane Carroll  ◼︎  Ian Shaw  ◼︎  Gareth Lockrane  ◼︎  Jim Hart  ◼︎  Michael Janisch  ◼︎  Kate Williams  ◼︎ Bobby Wellins / Barry Green  ◼︎  Nikki Iles  ◼︎  Andrew Cleyndert  ◼︎ Dave Chamberlain  ◼︎  Ross Stanley  ◼︎  James Pearson  ◼︎  Dave Newton  ◼︎  Nigel Price  ◼︎  Maurizio Minardi  ◼︎  Grant Windsor  ◼︎  Jim Mullen  ◼︎  Robert Mitchell  ◼︎  John Parricelli  ◼︎  Gareth Lockrane  ◼︎  Geoff Gascoyne  ◼︎  Laurence Cottle  ◼︎  Pete Churchill