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Roomspin Records  |  2013

“Mancio doesn’t miss a beat, her phrasing jazzy but always keeping the sense of the lyrics….She scats beautifully… emphasising how much the voice is one of the instruments, never just a singer with a backing band….Georgia Mancio lets the songs breathe”

London Jazz News

“an object lesson in subtlety, in understated interpretation, in the impact of nuance…. Mancio can re-invigorate a lyric with the slightest shift in emphasis, timing or intonation….It’s beautiful”   


All About Jazz, Best of 2014 Albums

“To improvise on the melody of a song while leaving its lyric unaltered is a difficult and delicate process, but Georgia Mancio brings it off with such grace that she almost makes it sound easy….In all respects an accomplished and beguiling set”  


The Observer

“the unforced lyricism, the conversational quality and sheer elegance of the music-making, the palpable sense of enjoying each other’s musical company – are all captured to masterly effect...Mancio sings beautifully, negotiating the intricacies of these standards with a real joie de vivre”

Jazzwise, Best of 2014 Albums

Come Rain or Come Shine

Georgia joins forces with award-winning guitarist, Nigel Price, in this beautiful and intimate collection of jazz standards.

Part duo, part trio (with another long-term collaborator, bassist Julie Walkington), Come Rain or Come Shine was recorded completely live with no overdubbing in a small studio over two afternoons.

The result is an organic, deceptively simple set of ten songs with story telling and improvisation as equal partners.  Rain, shine, light, shade: all is to be found here.


Georgia Mancio (voice), Nigel Price (guitars), Julie Walkington (double bass)

Produced by Nigel Price with Georgia Mancio. Design by Neil Waterson. © Georgia Mancio 2013 / Roomspin Records 41